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Airdam wet clutch delete

We will see if it will make the difference I am looking for. And it flat out works!! EVO cat delete Fully wrapped and coated exhaust Airdam clutch kit. If binding repeat step 6. I have a few flat spots on the weights from my Primary clutch in our 2003 Grizzly. Brand New. The clutch itself is an amazing clutch that allows you to have a one-way bearing, that is a smaller diameter than the factory clutches one-way bearing, which allows the belt to ride lower in the primary, and higher in the secondary giving you a lower starting gear ratio That's why I invested $1200.  The wetclutch is spinning when Im trying too remove the nut, so I Jammed a screw driver in there too stop it from s 12. red rollers = 19 grams = 6000RPM AC # 0823-164. Think the whole kit is like 1200 which includes everything including a new primary. #11 · Aug 2, 2013. Im trying too install the Clutch Delete, Everything was going fine until I got too the wetclutch which is held on by a 24mm Nut which is reverse threaded according too adam. #6 · Jun 5, 2009. If so, remove it first. Ex: Correct snap ring removal The air dam deploys automatically to redirect air around the vehicle and provide emissions and fuel-economy improvements. or $18 /mo with Affirm. Remove the Clutch: Once the above jobs have been done it's time to inspect and remove the clutch pressure plate. If you cannot grab the whole stack, remove them one-by-one, but be careful to put them back together in the order that you took them out. VMC Chinese Parts $ 70. Try not to press too hard as it can ruin the texture of the suede. 37) Loosen adjuster locknut at primary case and turn adjuster inward until there is a large amount of free play at hand lever. 22. Remove the clutch cover with a socket and ratchet. Does anyone on here know where I can purchuse the CV Tech Trailbloc clutch which airdam uses in the wet clutch delete kit/setup. The same plates are standard replacements for all large frame Vespas since at least the GS150. Most individual parts are still available to service existing kits- please call to order. 73 Posts. 125 Posts. UPGRADED WET CLUTCH SHOES. Called cv-tech with the only part number i could find on the clutch and they were unable too help me. There has been several firms that made wet clutch delete kits, but they are somewhat expensive at 1,900 dollars! I have found that the factory rollers are about 1/2 the cost of aftermarket rollers. Finned Horn Cover for Thunderstroke® Engines, Black $99. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. The older maverick clutches are nothing like the new X3 clutch which seems to be a good combo. If they are not of equal length, the pressure plate will not release or engage the clutch pack evenly, causing both clutch slip and chattering. MC type- Can use Dr. C $335. 95 Add to cart Secondary Upgrade #15-531 2020 RANGER XP1000 & CREW XP1000 (Must have kit #15-520 already installed) • Dry Rubbing: Use a clean, dry cloth to gently rub your clutch to clear surface marks and water spots. When replacing springs you should always measure the free length of all 10 springs. info@cvtech-aab. Take off the pressure plate. Other problems may be clutch Our Stealth body kit is a bolt-on replacement for the stock Harley V-Rod body parts (air box cover and rear fender). I will say Been stressing back and forth about what to do! I know from researching Can Am since last September that the stock primary is a slipping bolt breaking belt shredding POS!!! Its been going on for years, first in their quad's, then in their Commander. A lot of times the plates start getting sticky due to wear and tear and they loose the ability actually lubricate Tusk Primary Clutch Puller$15.  The wetclutch is spinning when Im trying too remove the nut, so I Jammed a screw driver in there too stop it from s Remove all the bolts, springs and the pressure plate and set them aside. It features a futuristic design which will make your custom V-Rod, Night Rod, Street Rod or V-Rod Muscle stand out, giving it a unique and aggressive look. There are springs behind the bolts, so be careful not to lose them. In the Jaguar repair manual, one step in removing the blowers is to open the recirculation door and block it open. The SROD transmission came from a 1980 Fairmont I6, with only 35,000 miles on it - the car was a write-off. The EPI is great because it addresses the wet side as well as the dry rollers and secondary spring. Firstly, everything to do with the clutch is new, except the fork and pivot. This gets the primary pulley turning. Install belt and run for 15 mins then let fully cool. The wet clutch is there (best I can tell) as another means of removing some of the shock of the motor to the belt and drive train. Was: Previous Price. 33. That's what I figured. CV-TECH Does not use a wet clutch. 8. Aftermarket Parts- Yes. Review Your Order >. 18 product ratings - Centrifugal Go Kart Clutch 3/4" Bore 10 Tooth 10T For 40,41,420 Chain 6. 00. Also I really liked my wet clutch! Wet clutch delete. 94 Select options Upper Control Arm Bolt Replacement Kit $ 77. The best mod we have done to both bikes is the Airdam clutches. Show Detail. 11. com for good parts pricing if you want to stay OEM. Just don't like the plastic sliders and was little noise for my liking. On the inside of the pressure plate, you’ll be able to see the lifter. Complete CV-TECH Clutch set. Remove both the bolts and the springs, and set them aside. 99 – $24. The 12" clutch is of the same design and the procedure is the same as for the 11" clutch. Centrifugal Go Kart Clutch 3/4" Bore 10 Tooth 10T with 40,41,420 Chain 6. The others do NOT do the wet side. « on: April 18, 2016, 05:13:52 PM ». The picture below shows what it looks like once the transmission has been removed which exposes the clutch assembly that is mounted onto the flywheel at the rear of the engine. Well I have a epi kit on my 06 700 cat with suzuki wet clutch and absolutely hate kit! So far 300 miles on it and im going back to stock I think. ·. blue rollers = 21 grams = 5500RPM AC # 0823-167. sku:ACPCC-700 "Lose the lag and gain 10+ MPH, HUGE acceleration and CV TECH TRAILBLOC CLUTCH. great. NOTE: To prevent bearing seal damage, remove special tools 307-675/1 and 307-675/4 after pressing the clutch onto the hollow input shaft and before attempting snap ring removal Don’t: Damage the bearing seal during snap ring removal. 3,441 Posts. The clutch and brake pedal bracket came from a 1979 Mercury Capri. 0905-3002 Other riders would advise against clutch kits, and instead argue that upgrading the clutch and clutch components in your existing primary and secondary clutches is the better way to go. $ 540. With the car off, you can remove and re-insert the key in the ignition switch several times, and the spoiler will usually go down. Lose the lag and gain 5+ MPH while gaining acceleration and throttle response! Learn More. Hilliard centrifugal clutches have soft transmission of power and load free starting. Truck Mirror for all Vanagon 80-91 (left) $225. 5HP. 1,640 Posts. CV TECH TRAILBLOC CLUTCH. It is behind the CVT and engages in two stages, partial and full engagment a set rpms. For those of you who dont want to go that far we have the MOD for you!!! Artic Cat 700H1 Wet Clutch Delete by ///AIRDAM Clutches with CVtech clutch Looking at the wet clutch delete by airdam. Other benefits include soft starts, load-free starting and overload protection. Just because you see a little water swishing around the end tank doesn't give you a real clue as to the true condition of the core. Viking 700 (2015-Current) OEM Complete Wet Clutch Kit. 4,705 Posts. It appears as though they are the exact, or close clone to the Rhino. Mud Flap Kit for 80-91 Vanagon. So I tried to PM Airdam about this but haven't gotten any response. I'm also going with the guys about replacing the clutch discs. That said, The 195* thermostat should be fine. On lower RPMs, the secondary clutch keeps the cones of the driven pulley closed. Add to Cart. You'll also probably notice that it will work when the car is wet too. It’s best if you can remove the whole stack in one piece. They were getting dry I last greased them 4,000 miles ago. The secondary clutch consists of a compression spring and helix, a component sensitive to compression. I ride mostly hill climbs with big rocks, but im wanting to go to a bigger tire 28-30. Slide oil cover onto clutch with all holes aligned. Remove four bolts that hold brake band support (34) in position on bottom of steering clutch compartment, and remove the support. just bolting up the wet clutch delete and CVtech primary, the bike picked up 4mph in 100ft! thats a serious game changer on launches seeing how i could only do part throttle launches since the bike wants to flip over everytime you nail the gas. 95. Remove plug (32) and O-ring seal (31) from cylinder (24). Learn more. Insert the eight screws 8-32 x 1/2" into oil cover and tighten into the eight nuts. Lightly scuff the clutch sheaves and wipe clean to remove belt residue. Flywheel was re-faced. I posted a wet clutch delete kit, as well as my opinion on both kits. Combined with Magna's active grille shutter, the aero system on the 2019 Ram achieves an estimated 7 percent drag reduction and 1 mile per gallon fuel savings Like all aspects of small machinery, clutches do go bad because of continued use and wear and tear. If the rust bond between the flywheel and the clutch disc is fairly weak, the clutch disc should pop free during light to medium braking. Remove the snap ring using suitable snap ring pliers. Now remove the locknut and flat washer, the spring collar, and ten clutch springs. 99 You save up to 33% We OFFER TERYX FULLY ADJUSTABLE CLUTCH KITS. Remove the Clutch Inspection Cover (off the Primary Housing - Small Cover on '86-'93 - Large 'Derby Cover' on '94-up) (You may have to loosen or remove the left mid-mount foot peg) - be careful as you remove the cover because there is an internal spring & Release Adjuster Position Lock Nut - Remove the internal spring & Release Adjuster The right clutch kit for your machine and riding style will include a variety (but not all) of the following components, depending on what combination we found results in the best performance: Wet Clutch Springs Primary Clutch Spring Secondary Clutch Spring Custom Angle Helix. The clutch assembly on a trimmer is usually easy to access. When a John Deere tractor has not been moved in a while, the clutch disk will stick to the pressure plate. They say about 3 hour install time. it makes launches completely different and allows the engine to rev free'r CV TECH TRAILBLOC Well you've all heard about it by now, here is some details!!! This clutch is called the CV Tech Trailbloc. 0905-3002 We have a 750 and 450 Kingquad. Please call (570) 773-1240 or email vforcejohn@yahoo. Remove one oil filler plug and fill clutch 1/2 full with Horstman clutch oil then replace plug. 24. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Sorry I can't help chaploneywj but I have a 2011 5055e and the clutch went out all at once with only 420 hours on it. • Stain Removal: As suede has a high absorbency rate. On this combo unit WET3300XQ2, I remove the washer out of the cabinet to replace a clutch but then I see quite an - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Save on Cleaners & Degreasers with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. You remove the bolts holding the shaft to the engine, pull off the shaft and unscrew the clutch cover. The belt grip was really good lot better than stock, a lighter clutch so will see performance gains. " The name's Ben, here's my X™. The two clutches are concentric, and the two transmission sub-assembly shafts nest one inside the other (observe the nested toothed gears towards the middle right, each drives its own Barnett Clutches and Cables. On some machines, there is a ball or needle bearing. That being said, Polaris and others work just fine without one, so in my opinion it's a waste of metal, and not to mention they do wear out shoes and cause a need for more maintenance in oil changes and whatnot. The flat spots are very small, 4 0f the 8 weights have one flat spot each. $26. Remove bar (33). Step 3. com for more info. 15 Foot Red/Blue Coiled Air Hose Set With 12 Inch Leads. Ran a cv tech on a arctic cat thundercat with a wet clutch delete. Clutch Assembly - 6 Plate - 6 Bolt - 70 Tooth - CG 200cc 250cc - ATV Dirt Bike - Version 64. Remove plug (35) for access to bolts that hold final drive pinion flange to steering clutch. We used wood blocks to support the cover and a hammer to drive the old clutch out of the bearing/cover by the shaft. My engine is fresh it is a 660 stroked to a 720, Ported and polished head with 1mm bigger valves. Wet clutch has been retired, I just finished putting her back together. sku:ACPCC-WILDCAT. specializes in High-Performance Diesel and Custom Metal Fabrication. Thanks. Remove the pressure plate by loosening the bolts. 33MM Premium Chrome Top Hat Axle Cover Kit. 2L 650hp Supercharged Wet Sump Crate Engine, GM Performance SUPERCHARGED POWER FROM THE C7 CORVETTE Z06!As the heart of the Corvette Z06, the supercharged LT4 6. This user didn't ask specifically for your clutches, but for a wet clutch delete. Press the one way clutch housing “wet clutch” from the cover. Teeth Quantity 2020 RANGER XP1000 & CREW XP1000 – Duraclutch Kit #15-529 $ 1,799. 99$26. 1-866-802-2404 . Troy paid for two complete clutches after he was told they have been used on several other rhinos without issues. Wet clutch for KT100 Yamaha Select Teeth and Bushing or Bearing Style Drum Bearing Drum Optional $ 385. And just had to run the wildcat against the prowler again to see the difference. Cart. I'd reinstall the small front air dam, and get a new radiator. We've been in business for almost 30 years developing world-class CVT Clutch Kits. "Some men fish all their lives without knowing it is not really the fish they are after. 23. find yourself a copy of the service manual, it gives you good instructions to folllow and it is not to hard of a job to do. Was: $22. This clutch still has yet to slip a single belt since i;ve been selling them. $206. EPI Clutch Kits and Drive Belts are the #1 aftermarket choice by more dealers, racers and enthusiasts. Massey Ferguson 135 tractors were fitted with either a 11" or a 12" clutch, depending on the age of the tractor (11" clutch up to serial number 121069). The new wet clutch delete jackshaft i build, along with the new CVtech primary i build for your machine will free up nearly 7 pounds of rotating mass off your crankshaft allowing your engine to rev like it should, also since this wet clutch delete is getting rid of any slip, you unleash all the power your engine truly makes. 1. Inspect the gasket and replace if it is worn, cut or ripped. I specifically called CMI and was given a price tag and passed it along. Add to Compare Add to WishList. EVO cat delete Fully wrapped and coated exhaust Airdam clutch kit. It is an awesome clutch. . Im wondering if anyone has ever ran one. FOR ARCTIC CAT, CF MOTO, SUZUKI AND YAMAHA FACTORY CLUTCHES: We can machine your current clutches from your machine, you simply take them off your machine, clean them up, box them up with your information following our packaging page, and ship them in. I've given my examples, and links. 6. Step 13. $22. 99 You save up to 17% Tusk Flex Drive Clutch Cover Removal Tool$15. Remove belt from package, wipe off edges with lacquer thinner / contact cleaner to get all the oily residue off. Truck Mirror for all Vanagon 80-91 (right) $225. This will allow the belt to slip or ride on the collar (like being in neutral) until the engine rpms are high enough to force the sheave into contact with the belt. I'm sorry it took me so long to get it on the cats!!! It works, drives, and shifts just like a factory cat clutch since both are made by cvtech, the same thinking went into this one i am using for the wet clutch delete. From United States. An aftermarket clutch kit which includes helix and springs is $400. Troy was turned onto Adam after I bought my Airdam clutch setup for my Rhintax. In order to delete the wet clutch the sheaves would have to be spread apart enough so that the belt has no contact with the sheave faces. We have spent SO many hours testing arctic cats, and we know one of their major limits is the wet clutch. Now AIRDAM I believe still offers a WET DELETE kit however I would imagine its quite expensive. Spin clutch by hand. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 5, 2009. ca. Running small batches of parts can get expensive and they will need to charge quite a bit to cover their costs. 99 – $19. You've put on a new fan clutch, so you should be fine with that too. The low rotations per minute cause the engine to heat quickly and may cause the clutch to slip or wear out prematurely. • Brushing: To clean dust or dirt, use a rubber brush to gently brush the suede which should remove fibers and dirt. Deep Cut Floorboards for Indian®, Black $499. Mudbuster cam, HSR45 , JBS sheeve, Alba Mapped MSD and more. 13. Evo c/d + tune, wet sounds elite 10, aim belt temp, + way too much to list need more $$ not Wet Clutch Delete Kit // 2009-2015 Arctic Cat 700 XT/LTD/GT/TBX/TRV ATV (exc 2015 TBX) $1,800. The only reason I am really arctic cat thundercat with ///AIRDAM Clutches wet clutch delete and CVtech clutch. You should now have access to the stack of clutch plates. The most likely cause of a slipping clutch are the cork plates themselves which are cheap to replace if you can do the work yourself. 10. Lightly sand the edges, wipe off again. Add to cart. Witch is the same primary used on the rzr just machined fit the t cat. It shouldn't turn at idle. Genuine Arlen Ness accessories that enhance the performance and style of your Indian. Yeah, I'm thinking try synthetic before going more drastic. 5. The tutorial was filmed with a tractor that had the 11" clutch. Hilliard's linkless centrifugal clutches combine a dowel pin, vibration dampening bushing and a symmetrical spring design. P65Warnings. I wanted a roller primary, but QSC is too Wet Clutch Delete Kit // 2012-2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat with Inner Wet Clutch. Loosen these bolts a little at a time since they are under spring pressure. Wehrli Custom Fabrication Inc. AIRDAM, good to hear from you. Does anyone know how much difference there is between a heavily modified wet clutch and the wet clutch delete? Are they close? On the Airdam website a stage 5 mod is about 1/2 the price of the WCD. To remove each blower assembly requires removal of the underscuttle cover, fusebox, a couple wires, one vacuum line and two bolts. 00 + with him again doing his wet clutch delete and I also flew him out to Arizona because I wanted the product engineer himself to do the install that way there would be no doubt as to that part of it being done the right way the first time. EPI also offers high quality replacement driveline parts such as Axles, U-Joints, CV Joints, Front End and Suspension parts, Brakes and more. Michelangelo said: Did a search, nothing found. new clutch and pressure plate, release bearing, cable. Wet clutch: HL&MC type use one. The clutch pull rod and some of the clutch plates may come out with it so pay attention. I got it back. If it fixes it then problem solved I guess. L&T Wet Clutch 3 Disc 6 Spring. A trick is available that will unstick the clutch disk without the having to take the engine apart. The driver depresses the clutch pedal and KEEPS IT DEPRESSED. Shop all Indian. you can really tell about halfway the wildcat really starts to pull. Pulley hit clutch on the weekend and i had to remove it a few times to get the spring settings right so I can tear it down inside a hour and be back riding so like i said find a service manual and take a look at it Directly underneath the bolts, you’ll find the clutch springs. Part #: 380898 Mfg Part #: TPAC-17. LT4 6. He says he recently rebuilt the engine's top end. Evo c/d + tune, wet sounds elite 10, aim belt temp, + way too much to list need more $$ not It's in bad taste. Top Rated Seller. $1,800. 92 10% off. 99. 4 X 6 Inch LED Projection Headlight. order a wet clutch delete for it from airdam and run full synthetics on it sounds like your buddy needs that kind of maint schedule. Hogebuilt 72 Inch 430 Stainless Steel Low Rider Half Fender (Pair) Front Fender Aluminum Blinker Bar Light Brackets For Peterbilt 359 & 379 (Pair) 20 Inch 3 Spoke Retro Bone Old-School Steering Wheel. While you can can unstick the clutch disk by dismantling the engine, it will take many hours to dissemble and reassemble the engine. Remove the 3 bolts securing the spring plate using a 10mm socket and then remove the clutch springs. Right now she hits 66mph at half throttle at 8k rpm(rev limiter) Adam had mentioned I could put a lighter spring in than Red had for the dunes and I said go for it, LOL, well ya Rabbits screw up from time to time. I would call //Airdam or another clutch tuner for advise. There is the price of the new clutch and all the machined parts to go with it. I just replaced my ome wet clutch in my 700 with a Dr. It is a wet clutch, meaning that it is bathed in oil for smoother operation and longer life, and uses multiple clutch plates to compensate for any resulting slip. 2L SC is the most powerful engine ever offered in a regular-production Chevrolet. GET THE NEEDED RPM AND KEEP THE BELT GRIP UP! FULLY ADJUATABLE MASS WEIGHTS 67 to 80 grams Kits. I'm looking at a 2008 700 that the current owner is selling for $3000. , Franklin (Wisconsin), 53132-9107 . With the clutch pedal depressed, the brakes (parking or foot pedal, it doesn’t matter which) are GENTLY applied. with this clutch, it will make the prowler 1000 the man to beat in any race. One reason a string trimmer clutch would go bad is due to a user not operating the trimmer at full throttle. 3,516 sold. Step 4. RM Atv. Clutch Repair. Id rather have the wetbox (wouldn't we all:iconbiggrin but this give a bit more roof area to load longer things and it does look sleek. C $302. No slippage before while using, shut it off, start it up, push in clutch, try to put it in gear and no clutch! Took it to the dealer in Princetown WV and after$3,400. Carefully remove the pressure plate. just ordered my wet clutch delete 999$ no tax no shipping Will arrive 7 to 10 days. This kit is designed to eliminate the inner wet clutch on the Arctic Cat 550/650/700/1000cc ATV and UTV line-up. Since I can't afford a $7-10k Yamaha I'm considering a Hisun. EPI Performance Trail Performance Clutch Kit - TPAC-17. Wet Clutch Cover Drum Housing+Primary Clutch with Sheave ASSY RHINO GRIZZLY 660. I have 1600 miles on my stock kit and it was better. 99 You save 41% Tusk Belt Removal Tool$5. Viking 700 (2015-Current) OEM Complete Wet Clutch Kit quantity. I had reached out a few times to your company in an effort to purchase the wet-delete service but ended up going to the arctic cat parts site and just buying everything from the outer sheath out to, and including, the nut. WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm — www. Pulley HiT clutch 301901. 9701 S, 58th st. 9. Joined Jul 21, 2006. It is the first of its kind on a high-volume production vehicle. I've installed both types of kits. Your shopping list is empty. 99 – $29. Arctic Cat Wet Clutch Deletion Kit. 96. #3 · Nov 3, 2011. Wet Clutch Delete Kits have been discontinued. gov. 1 Solo Advantage Self-Adjusting Clutches Remove Remove Clutch (If clutch is to be reinstalled and transmission is still in vehicle) Clutch adjustment is recommended every 2,000 miles to compensate for lining wear or during clutch slippage under load, or when clutch is dragging in released position. #5 · Apr 28, 2011. the wet clutches are in the engine oil, turning inside a slick drum. Here at ///AIRDAM Clutches, we build and machine clutches for a various number of machines. Out of stock. Finned Cam Cover for Thunderstroke® Engines, Chrome $99. We both have stages 1-5 and the 750 has the wet clutch delete. We here at Everything Can-Am Offroad have had great success out of the Air Dam clutch kits. The higher the rotational speed, the more fully the clutch is engaged, and the cones on the primary pulley are pushed together tightening the belt. Featuring: 7 PRIMARY SPRING TENSIONS AVAILABLE, ZERO or HIGH STALL TRAIL, MUD, SAND, RACE. 99$7. . the wet clutch is a centrifugal clutch inside the engine bolted to the crankshaft that rotates inside a drum. I understand it is limited to being not as ajustable as some clutch kits but I'm not as race oriented as Im trying too install the Clutch Delete, Everything was going fine until I got too the wetclutch which is held on by a 24mm Nut which is reverse threaded according too adam. The next step listed is to remove the bolts holding the blower in. the wet clutches slip, giving Does anyone know the part# of the trailbloc primary the muzzy/ airdam uses in there wet clutch delete? I take it they are both out of business, because neither one will call back, and we need the outer half of the primary, and also any tips on tuning this thing to get it to stop slipping the belt. The 'How to' guides are intended to show the knowledge acquired, through text, pictures and video, and are purely for demonstration purposes. At WCFab we take great pride in our reputation for providing the highest quality fabricated parts and performing repairs on your Duramax, Power Stroke, & Cummins Diesel Trucks. If memory serves, when the front air dam works properly, but the rear spoiler stays up, the "Aero" warning light will appear. 00 – $ 1,978. When my wet clutch dies im gonna beg this guy to do a 660 lol Troy had contacted Adam about doing several wet delete Rhino systems several months ago, including one of my rhinos. Unbelievable the difference it makes. 99$19. Unscrew in a crisscross pattern so the pressure plate slides off smoothly and won't pinch. Here it is got back from mississippi today . com Wehrli Custom Fabrication Inc. We spent many many hours working on the wet clutch delete to get rid of the wet clutch, and it is alot of modifications and is costly. 40. 10-Gauge Mini Floorboards for Scout®, Black $299. (1) EPI Performance Trail Performance Clutch Kit - TPAC-40. Use in any projects that you may carry out yourself is purely at your own risk. 0% APR up to 12 mo. 5055e Clutch goes out all at once. A wet clutch delete would be expensive, Yes. The results are a long service life at an economical price. when the engine RPMs increase the centrifugal wet clutch slings outward engaging the drum and turning the primary shaft, which in turn turns the primary clutch getting the belt moving. 58. Remove the left hand thread nut, that secures the clutch shoe assembly to the crankshaft. CLUTCH INFO. Engagement is very high it almost feels as though the clutches and not grabbing. If the springs are The clutch can suffer from a multitude of problems when different parts begin to wear. No responsibility for errors or omissions, in the information here is undertaken. 25. Free shipping. Part #: 381133 Mfg Part #: TPAC-40. Roller weights Roller weight housings Flyweights Primary clutch spacer.